Step In

The song Jerusalema was viral last year. Everyone at home tried to learn the addictive dance steps. How many took the effort to bother about the meaning of the song? Tourists spend billions going around the world clicking snaps and posting Instagram stories. How many bother with the story behind the site and what its trying to teach us? Step in.

Seeming lack of time in ‘busy’ lives, pressure to do as much/more than the next person push us into trying so many things, many peripherally. When Yoga teaches us to get fit and control our senses/breath, what are we supposed to do with the fitter body and controlled mind? When gadgets /apps/tech make life easier for you, what are you supposed to do with the extra free time?

If we try to step in to spend a bit more time and focus, one would see that the purpose of everyone of the above is much more than we see. Let us go deeper and not stay outside. Life would be much more peaceful/happy/fulfilling.

Wishing everyone a more meaningful 2022!




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Nand Kishore

Nand Kishore

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