Question is the answer

Inspite of following all the rules , procedures, legacies and historical wisdom, people/firms fail. Mysteries remain unexplained ,problems remain unsolved ,surprises shock and pains do not go away. Question is the answer.

The last sentence does not make sense,right? When all the historical wisdom fails, question is the first step to the answer. Questioning is the solution and not the answer. The answer you get may remain valid for a period and new pains appear.

Question is always the answer. It drives scientists to find new answers, mathematicians to find new explanations, creators to discover the unseen, seekers to find the truth.

Thus question is always the answer. Every surprise questions the status quo, shocks the plan and disturbs the sanity.

Why don’t we question much? It shows our ignorance, makes us look weird/stupid, separate us from the herd and makes us feel less. We are more comfortable in the sense of the knowing and in control. It is the easier path.

Why bother with the unknown, when known itself is difficult to manage? Why question when we can rationalize? Why explore when returns are not guaranteed and effort risky?

Because it cannot underwrite the current or the future.

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